ConcreateLab is an architectural and engineering company located in Rome among the main companies as concerns Architectural Development, Technological Systems Design, Supervision of Works and Tests.

The company work in the field of Architectural, Structural and Urban Design, Electric Installation, Mechanical and Special System Design, in the field of Fire Fighting Safety and Energy Conservation. In addition to the above mentioned activities, the company offer services supporting the planning, such as Supervision of works, Project Management, Maintenance Management, Tests and Technical Advice.

ConcreateLab sets the target of supplying an advanced engineering help, dealing with technological design with the aid of all global services, while keeping in mind the client’s requests and satisfaction. ConcreateLab can carry out the design intervention at all various stages, from the requirement analysis, to the making of the plan till the final delivery, following top quality standards and using advanced information systems.

Our aim is to run complex projects, both at a national and international level, for all clients who want to carry out a safe and flawless plant engineering design. Being able to satisfy every request and counting on specific and advanced professionalism, each project is run counting on a long-term experience that was gathered from the carried out projects and the skills developed inside the company.

ConcreateLab is characterized by the way it works, which is marked by professionalism and a clever management, with a flexible organization that guarantees high performances and the preservation and constant improvement of its quality standards.